GridPro single click to edit

Hi there,
Is there a way to make the grid/gridpro open up the in-line editor on a single click as opposed to a double click? The double click is unnatural for most users and is confusing, people expect it to work very similar to a spreadsheet where you can just click on a cell and start editing.

I tried to enable this functionality by hooking the edit to the ItemClickListener event but it doesn’t work:

        grid.addItemClickListener(l -> {
            System.out.println("Item clicked for "+l.getItem().toString());

There are two problems with the above:

  1. The click is not detected if you click on a value in the grid since it seems to be getting passed to the text/label of the display grid (i.e., when the editor is closed). The debug message is only shown if the click is on an empty part of the grid.
  2. The editor does not come up even when the single click event is triggered. I get the debug message in the console but the grid does not change.

Am I missing something with the above? I am using a grid with only custom columns, could this be the reason?

The following sample code shows the issue and might help determine how to fix it (based on the to-do example):

package com.vaadin.example;

import com.vaadin.flow.component.button.*;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.gridpro.*;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.notification.*;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.orderedlayout.*;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.textfield.*;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.*;
import java.util.*;

public class MainView extends VerticalLayout {

	static long lastid = 0l;
    public MainView() {
        Button button = new Button("Click me",
                event ->"Clicked 1!"));
        GridPro<DataRow> grid = new GridPro();
        List<DataRow> dataList = getData();
        ListDataProvider<DataRow> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<>(dataList);
        TextField editor = new TextField();
        grid.addColumn(item -> item.get("Col1").toString()).setHeader("Col1");
        grid.addEditColumn(row -> {
        	Object o = row.get("Col2");
        	System.out.println("Getter is getting value "+o.toString());
        	return o;
        	.custom(editor, (row, v) -> {
        		row.put("Col2", v);
        		System.out.println("Assigned value of "+v);
        		System.out.println("Editor has value "+editor.getValue());
        grid.addComponentColumn(item -> { 
        	NumberField c = new NumberField(); 
        	return c;
        TextField col1 = new TextField();
        add(new Button("Add", e -> {
        	dataList.add(getAnotherRow("","", 0d));
        add(new Button("Dump", e -> {
        	dataList.forEach(r -> {
        		System.out.print("Col1:"+r.get("Col1")+" ");
        		System.out.print("Col2:"+r.get("Col2")+" ");
        		System.out.println("Editor has value "+editor.getValue());
        grid.addItemClickListener(l -> {
            System.out.println("Item clicked for "+l.getItem().toString());
    public List<DataRow> getData() {
    	ArrayList<DataRow> db = new ArrayList();
    	db.add(getAnotherRow("abc", "def", 13d));
    	db.add(getAnotherRow("XYZ", "sdifj", 1231d));
    	db.add(getAnotherRow("sfdj", "ofdkgp", 698d));
    	return db;
    public DataRow getAnotherRow(String c1, String c2, Double i) {
    	DataRow row = new DataRow();
    	row.put("Col1", c1);
    	row.put("Col2", c2);
    	row.put("Number", i);
    	return row;
    public class DataRow extends HashMap<String, Object> {
    	Long id;
    	public Long getId() {
    		if(id == null) 
    			id = ++lastid;
    		return id;

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