grid with multiple row inline edit mode

Is it possible to load grid with multiple row with editable mode by default instead of calling edititem for each row?

referred this
currently option which I found is to call editor.editItem(item) on each row selection instead of button;

You might be interested in the [Grid PRO]
( component (Vaadin Pro, Prime or Enterprise subscription required), where you can just doubleclick any cell to directly edit that cell. There is no need to edit a whole row.

If you don’t have access to PRO components, or if this is not what you wanted, it might be beneficial to analyze why you need this and find a different solution to your problem altogether. Because it doesn’t sound like a standard use-case to me. Why do you want to edit all items together? Could this also be done differently?

trying that for points/score configuration edit ,to make edit user friendly thought to set score change option inline.

In the grid you can use component renderer. You have some examples here:
So you can show a “points/score” column as stars rating (or textField …), when the user is updating the value you can save it.

It’s slower than a grid in edit mode (because every line of this column is a component instead of text).
It’s not row editing (so you can edit the entire row and cancel/save it).

What I always like to do is make a double-click on an item open its editor.

grid.addItemDoubleClickListener(dblClick -> getEditor().editItem(dblClick.getItem()));

This is very intuitive to the user, and doesn’t needlessly open the editor for rows that won’t be edited. You can try out the result [here]
( (example “Editor in Not Buffered Mode”)

Edit: Jean-Christophes idea would be even better for your situation, as there isn’t even an editor involved. You will need to handle setting the changed score value on the item upon a ValueChangeEvent, and maybe even save the changed item to the DB, if there is not some cascading set up for merge/persist. here an example since I fear it might not be clear what we mean:

// this will allow direct changing of scores, without ever opening a grid editor.
grid.addComponentColumn(item -> {
	NumberField score = new NumberField();
	score.addValueChangeListener(event -> {
		// save item in DB if it will not be cascaded somehow
	return score;

used grid-editor approach with click. I have defined editor with buffered binder and set column with component like grid-editor example.
In that on row click , item is edited and set it in to the global edited list (items not saved in db yet). on main update click, called db update for the edited list.

the flow is similar to [this]