Grid with full size inside Accordion

I have been trying with some components size, but i don’t know how to expand the grid to take all screen.
I have an Accordion > AccordionPanel > VerticalLayout > VerticalLayout and my grid component.

Any idea what i’m missing ?

Can you share some code? Calling grid.setSizeFull() comes to mind but it will only expand as far as the component hierarchy allows it to… if any of the parent layouts height is set to a lesser value, it won’t grow any further.

Correct. Make sure that all of those parent containers have a full height

If i call grid…setSizeFull() it does’t show the grid itens. i’ll make sure that every parent has fullSize

the code is a bit split between classes…

Sounds like the parent of the grid is not full sized

i’m using AppLayout also

let me try it, 1min

That’s a known difficulty with the app layout, see

i’ll read more.

No, seens something with accordion and panel (others grid outside accordion are working fine)

Thank you guys for the reply, i’ll keep searching and if i find something wi’ll update here