grid with different data types per row, not column

I have a Table I am converting to Grid (Vaadin 7). For the Table, column 1 is always text all the way down, but columns after that are varied. So, for instance, on row 1, from column 2 until the end, it is a date, so for that, in Table, I do the following:

				// Setup code, to setup columns for table
				planBuckets.addContainerProperty(columnId, AbstractComponent.class, null);
				planBuckets.setColumnWidth(columnId, bucketWidthAsEm * emSize );
				// ..., other code snipped

and then

				// Loading code, to load data into table
				for( WrappedForecastBucket currentBucket : buckets )
					forecastBucketsByColumnId.put(columnId, currentBucket);
					DateField forecastStartDate = new DateField();
					// ..., other code snipped
				// ..., other code snipped
				row = forecastStartDateRow.toArray();
				forecastBuckets.addItem(row, "StartDate" );	

I can get away with all this because I initially add all columns as AbstractComponent.class, so it is sort of generic. Row 2 is numeric fields, row 3 is a read only data, and row 4 is a dropdown. So what is the best way to handle this kind of scenario in Grid?

Here is a screen shot of the table I mention above. As you can see, it scrolls to the right, so it is wider than the page.
![Complex Table]