Grid.setLocale(..) does not update content.

Grid.setLocale(…) does not update content.
In my Grid implementation I have content in a column that is Locale-specific (Gender column)
That user can change the locale on the fly, but calliing Grid.setLocale(…) does not call the implemented Converter (GenderToLocaleNameConverter implements Converter<String, Gender >).convertToPresentation(…).

Therfore I implemented a “hack” analogue to

    // CR00036 + "hack" analogue to
    List<SortOrder> sol = SearchResultTable.getSortOrder();
    if(sol != null)
    } else {
        // default sort order

This is working, but the sort indicator in the GUI disapears (see attachment). I can live with this, but is still a nuisance.

All this may be related to