Grid: Set dynamic header text

I’m using the grid web component (within a class that extends from lit-element) and I want to set a dynamic header text, i.d. in this case a text translated by a function. But the header text stays always empty. What is the correct way to set a dynamic header

render() {
	return html`
			<template class="header">
				<vaadin-grid-sorter path="name">${this.translate('date')}</vaadin-grid-sorter>


Ok, I solved it myself… First, I had version 5.1.0 installed which does not support all the renderers… My fault, thought I had updated. After switching to 5.4.8 it worked fine.

Two (common) hints for my oblivious future me and other people that are starting out with web components:

 <vaadin-grid-column flex-grow="0"

And an example for the renderer (just one way)

     header(root, column) {
        let path = column.getAttribute('path');
		// without binding "this" you cannot access "this.translate"
        let translation = this.translate(path);