Grid scrolls to the beginning in Safari

Hi, I’m using Safari at an iPad with iOS 13.1.3 and a master-detail-application (i.e. a grid on the left and a form on the right, separated with a slider; based on Simple App but with a slider) with Vaadin 14.3.2.

When the user scrolls in the grid that contains e.g. 100 items, Safari makes the grid scroll for another 1-2 seconds.
When the user waits for the grid to finish scrolling (the scrollbar disappears) and selects an item, everything is fine.
When the user selects an item before the scrolling has finished (i.e. before the scrollbar disappears), then one of these happens (and I don’t know when and why):

a) the clicked item is selected correctly, but the grid jumps to the beginning.

b) the clicked item is selected correctly and the grid shows the selected item.

c) the grid jumps to the beginning and then selects that item under the users finger.

c) the grid jumps to the beginning and nothing is selected.

Expected behaviour is (b), but in roundabout half the tests (a) or (c) or (d) happens.

This happens for wide grids (multi columns, 2000px width) and also for very narrow grids (single column, 40px width).

I can also reproduce this behaviour with the Vaadin Grid example “Grid with lazy loading” at

Looks like there’s already a similar-looking GitHub issue reported here: