Grid Row validation


We have a editable Grid backed by a BeanItemContainer.
We have added some Validators to some of the fields.

When the grid is edited manually row by row, then everything works fine.

But we have a usecase, where the grid is filled with a lot of uncomplete rows that needs to be edited before the form can be submitted. This does not work out of the box.
How do we solve this?
I have tried, on submit of the whole form, to programatically loop through every item of the Grid, and for each item setting the item in edit-mode (using grid.editItem(item), and then trying to save it using (grid.saveEditor()).
This partially works, the required fields of the first row is marked as red (must be filled), but after the errors have been corrected we get a CommitException on the first row saying “Property “xx” not bound to a datasource”.

Any tips as to how to proceed here?