Grid render issue when resizing browser (Vaadin 8.6.4)

I’m having problems with grid rendering on Vaadin 8.6.4. When opening the page on a resized browser window and then resizing the browser back to full size,
the grid won’t resize to fill the empty space. Only after vertically scrolling for few seconds will the grid eventually resize to fit the screen.
This worked just fine on Vaadin 7 grid. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

Hi, can you try if the same behavior still occurs with the latest release (8.9.3)? I seem to recall this issue has been fixed at some point in the past.

Hi and thanks for answering!

Tested with 8.8.6 and the problem persists. There were some issues with getting 8.9.3 working, will have to get back to you.

If it’s still occurring in 8.9.3, you should create a small sample that reproduces the issue and file a ticket at .