Grid - Refresh row without loosing scroll position

I’m trying to use vaadin-grid in my polymer 2 application. I have to refresh a row, because one field must change its value at user click. The only way I found with html api is to empty and then recharge grid selected items.

this.$.orders_grid.items = ;
this.$.orders_grid.items = this.orders;

But this causes the scroll to move at the middle of the grid. Is there any way to refresh a single row or to control scroll position with html APIs? I’m getting crazy, because I found necessary methods for java version only. Any idea?



Hi! It should be possible to update a single item with this.set('items.123', newItem). Also, there’s a private API this._scrollToIndex(123), which will likely be made public soon.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. In this way the view doesn’t refresh. I mean, by debugging I can see my item value changing as expected, by the row on the screen doesn’t update.

There’s still grid.clearCache() that you can try.