[Grid] Property text representation in header is wrong


when i enter property IDs for the headers like “LCD Driver” where more than 2 capital letters follow each other then in the representation it is displayed as “LC D Driver”.

A while ago i saw some kind of property formatter somewhere (i think it was table??) that automatically converts stuff like propertyId into a human readable string. But i dont know where it was… I guess this is activated as default for grid, else it would not happen.

Any idea on how to disable this or where i can set the property representation String?

Edit: The method was called “camelCaseToHumanFriendly”, but i can not find a call on that method in grid…

Grid generates by default what could be a good header text, if it is not good you can use

grid.getColumn(propertyId).setHeaderCaption("Whatever") to change it


I want to force the header of the columns (
in the JS Version
https://vaadin.com/elements/-/element/vaadin-grid) to be display without the camelCaseToHumanFriendly. Is this possible ?

Well, in other words: How to disable this functionnality ???