Grid - Prevent rows from being selected / edited?

When the user marks a row for deleted in our application, the row is tagged with a “deleted” css class and rendered appropriately. The user can then undelete the row, or save.

When a row is marked for deletion in this way, it would be nice to prevent the editor from opening.
We could open the editor but let all fields be read-only, but the editor would hide the “deleted” state.
Instead I would prefer it if I could prevent the editor from opening at all.
It should still be selectable, so that the user can undelete it.
Is there any hook for this?

We also have some non-data rows in our lists. This could for instance be a blank line between groups of rows.
Here I would like to prevent both the editor and selection.
Is there any hook for this?

I see that the javadoc on Grid suggests:

A variant of a multiselect might have a configurable maximum of rows that may be selected. Ie: It can prevent rows to be selected, but I fail to see how to achieve this.