Grid Polymer Element for Dart Lang


I am using Dart Lang with Polymer.

I would like to use Vaadin Grid (Polymer Elements) in Dart Lang.

Is there a port to Dart for Vaadin Grid?

Hi Samuel,

At least we are not providing such a port officially, and I haven’t heard of any unofficial ports either (haven’t looked for them either).

Have to admit I’m not very familiar with Dart, so I can’t say how big of an effort it would be to port it.

Thanks Jouni,

I like Dart Lang a lot! Very nice language, libs and tools!

I thought it might have some official library.

Is there a library ( that generate custom elements written with Polymer (JS) for provide Dart API. I am going to try use it.

Would really like to have this element in Dart Polymer too.


Look at the “custom_elements” package.