Grid performance

how can we enhance grid performance in following use case:

We are displaying a grid with trading data, one row is one instrument, like EUR/USD. In columns, there is ASK, BID, Time, … and around 70 columns of different technical indicators. Visible are usualy around 10 columns at once. Users are able to select which columns they want to see and probably no one will want to see more than 10 columns.

Grid is paged, with 25,50 or 100 items per page. Usualy only one page is displayed. Alltogether there is like 100K of different instruments on 200 different exchanges in data cache on backend. Data cache is updated with around 3K of events per second, which is not that much of a problem. But on top of that data cache, there is a GUI Grid. Grid is just a small view of the data cache, as there is at once only around 25 * 10 of items displayed in it. So we are speaking about updating of at most 250 values per second by websockets. Not that large amount of data, if you are transfering 250 of keys and number values.

The problem is, that the flow contains 67KB of data every second. Grid receives all unnecessary updates every time. Not to mention, that grid is even updated with columns, that are not shown.

Is there a way of optimizing that flow of data between server and Grid?

Not to mention, that grid is even updated with columns, that are not shown.

Have you considered removing columns entirely, instead of hiding them?

Good idea, little work to handle all the events, but ok. Another problem here is the bugs on the grid, like missing initial sorting and bugs with column sizing but it will be probably fixed in 14.

Anyway, if I let all the events bombarding the data provider too often, client freezes, like the whole page is stuck.