Grid performance with many columns

I have a grid with a flexible number of columns that the user can specify according to their needs. Recently we’ve been getting use-cases where the number of columns has increased dramatically, the biggest grid has about 120 or so columns. At this point the grid is very slow in the initial render. As far as I can tell the problem really is the client-side rendering of the grid. Also, after the grid is first initialized it performs well: loading data from the backend is fast as well as scrolling sideways.

The suggestions in [ ]
( have been implemented (i.e., all columns are defined with ValueProviders) but performance is still disappointing: it takes about 10 seconds for the grid to render in Google Chrome and even longer in Firefox (15 or so seconds).

Are there any other suggestions to improve the grid performance in this case? Any other components that might be faster but similar enough to the grid in the backend so that not a lot of re-engineering has to be performed?