Grid on Single-Selection Mode fails to Unselect if the selection was progra

The scenario involves a Grid in single selection mode.
Test number 1:

  1. Click a row, it gets selected.
  2. Click the same row again, it now gets unselected, as expected.

Test number 2:

  1. Redisplay the Grid where a particular row is selected programatically, via

  2. When you click on that pre-selected row the row does not unselect!
  3. If you click on any other row the new row gets selected as expected, the original row gets unselected as expected.
  4. Clicking again that second row unselects it as expected.

I am really concerned about this, as there is no work-around when a table has a single entry which is pre-selected.
I’ll appreciate Vaadin’s help on this.