Grid MultiSelectionModel Issue


I have come accross an issue with setSelected() on the model.
Using the event bus I set the datasource on my grid and then immediately call ((MultiSelectionModel)getGrid().getSelectionModel()).setSelected() with the POJOs in the datasource, this selects all rows successfully. However, when i execute this process again, all rows get deselected. Run again and all rows are selected again. It does not successfully select ALL rows on every consequtive call.

We traced this to a select method being called on the model, from the RPC, with a blank collection AFTER my call with my valid selection has been executed. It would seem that this selection clearing call is being queued for later execution. Basically the model selection is only cleared after the event bus has finished executing so any model selection being executed on the event bus have no effect which is wrong.

My work around for this in the meantime is to clear the selection myself before executing my task on the event bus.