Grid marks 'Select All' checkbox on empty tables (7.6.0.rc1)

Open a grid with no data on it, the checkbox used to select or unselect all rows is checked, it should not be checked.


Please create a ticket at with some way to reproduce the problem. Does not seem to reproduce by doing

Grid grid = new Grid();

I verified the error does not reproduce in the simple scenario above, but as soon as I attach a lazy query container I see the error… I’ll do some more testing…

No need to open up a bug, a change in the order of initialization fixed the issue: the fix involves calling grid.setSelectionMode(…) AFTER grid.setCOntainerDataSource, and not before!

I faced the same issue but intialization reordering didn’t help. Are there any more ways to overcome this issue?
I use vaadin 7.6.8

This should be fixed in (7.7.4 when released)