grid + jpa-container: problem with scrollbars in firefox, chrome

hey folks,

Im using the new grid in combination with JPA-Container (CachingMutableLocalEntityProvider). The problem is no scrollbar appears when im using firefox (version 35 and 36…). When im using Chrome instead the scrollbar just works fine till 800 000 rows and selecting rows is not possible anymore.

Before grid i was using vaadin table and everything worked fine there. So i think its kind of a bug in new grid solution.

I really like the new grid but for now its hard to use. Any ideas solving this issue? the attachment shows the noscrollbarproblem with firefox.

thanks in advance and best regards

aja i forgot to say im using vaadin 7.4.1 and jpa-container 3.2.0

That is probably not a problem with JPAContainer, as it’s just another container. Grid still has some rendering issues in 7.4.1, so it’s possible that it’s one of them.

800 000 rows? Both Table and Grid have row limit of about that many, depending on the pixel height of the rows. Perhaps Grid is more sensitive or the symptoms are different, because of its custom scroll bar.