Grid in IE 11 display problem

i have few problems with grid component in IE,
first: if i add FooterRow to grid, layout of component are look bad (example in file below ) last column went at first position and footerrow display also wrong ( remove styles in file .scss don’t fix problem ) problem don’t exists in Chrome, Opera or FireFox…
enother problem is that when I resize web borowser ( IE 11 ) them grid component don’t resize but component where I add grid (CssLayout) resized
i want implemented grid like is implemented in vaadin demo ( ) but i can’t find full implementation…

thanks for help

Where you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue and could use some help.

I use java script to resize rows in grid. Somethink like this:
var heightGridRow = 63;
var resizeGridRow = 5;

var element = document.getElementsByClassName(“table”);
var interwal = setInterval(function() {
if(element != ‘undefined’ && element != null){
if($(‘.v-grid-header’).height() > maxHeightGridRow){
$(‘.v-grid-row’).css(‘width’,‘+=’+ resizeGridRow +’ px;');
}, 500);

if you want use footer, add to footer translateY function ;

but it’s only a workaround…

If I find how fix it in another way I will share it .

Any better alternatives we have for this issue?

Same issue here. Seems to still be a problem. I’m on Vaadin v7.5