Grid - Hide scrollbar


Is there a quick way of hiding the scrollbar in the grid component. I can’t seem to find the correct selector to set overflow:hidden. Any other solution?

Hi. I wonder if using allRowsVisible would fit your needs: Grid | Components | Vaadin Docs

Or is your intention specifically to disable the user from scrolling the grid even while there might be overflowing items?

If you just want to hide the scrollbar, you’ll need to use shadow DOM styling for vaadin-grid (Shadow DOM Styling of Components | Advanced Styling Topics | Styling | Vaadin Docs) with the following CSS:

#table {
  overflow: hidden;

or programmatically with the following JS:

grid.$ = 'hidden';

But that will not disallow users from scrolling the grid with other means, such as by using wheel scrolling or keyboard navigation.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The shadow DOM styling documentation did the trick ;)