Grid footer connector registration warnings

Place a component in a Grid’s footer cell:

FooterCell footerCell = myFooterRow.getCell(myPropertyID);

Load the UI and find this in the log:

Mar 21, 2015 9:49:56 PM com.vaadin.ui.ConnectorTracker registerConnector
WARNING: An already registered connector was registered again: Button (436)

Terminating the UI produces:

Mar 21, 2015 9:53:50 PM com.vaadin.ui.ConnectorTracker unregisterConnector
WARNING: Unregistered Button (436) that was already unregistered.

When custom components made up of other components are set, each individual component within the custom component generates its own warning. Avoiding the log messages would be nice. Does anyone have advice for doing that?

An old ticket
says: “Application gives warnings in the log while running if new content is attached to component tree in a components attach() method before super call.” Perhaps this needs re-addressing in Grid?

I’m getting these same warnings when adding components to the Grid’s footer in 7.4.2.


The problem had occurred when a component was put in a header or footer cell comprised of joined columns. Vaadin 7.4.7 fixed it with resolution of ticket #17904.