Grid filter after new container data source

Hello all,

I have an issue regarding filtering and reloading data. When setting a new data source, the origin filter text stays in the text field, but the filter are ignored. It seems that the filter are connected to the data source. Is there a possibility to fix this?

Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance´!

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How do you create the filter field, and how do you reload the data? If you bind the filter field to the old container, and reload by setting a new container, you need to update the filter field binding as well. If there’s no direct binding, you may still need to programmatically trigger the filtering since there’s no user action to tell the field to filter. Another thing to consider is to just empty the old container and add the new contents there, although that might of course have other undesirable side effects.

Hello Anna,

Good idea! I change the container data and not it works perfectly!