Grid Editor Height, element does not fit

Can you increase the Grid editor heigth? Element in editor does not fit.
Have an InlineDateField(time only) that creates 2 dropdown menus with a “:” separator for hours:minutes.
Minutes appear on a second line resulting in the no fit situation.

InlineDateField idf = new InlineDateField();

I would recommend to use different approach in cases like this. Since Grid generally does not support variable row heights, attempts of styling editor row to different height may cause weird side effect. Instead more complex editing could be done using detailsGenerator of the Grid. That allows to create e.g. small form for editing.

Will proceed with detailsGenerator as you have suggested.
Thank You

Have an issue with the detailsgenerator, it does not scroll with the grid(horizontally).
Is there any solution for this?

That is intentional design feature.

is there anything that can use to synch with the grid scrollbar and simulate the scrolling?
What I have is a class that “extends GridLayout” added to a VerticalLayout which is added to the detailsgenerator.