Grid: EditItem after adding row

I’m using a grid with two columns.
The button “btnAdd” should insert one empty row into the grid and then activate the edit mode.
Im using the following code:

btnAdd.addClickListener(lClickEvent → {
Object lNewRow = gridLand.addRow(“”, “”);

But that doesn’t work! (see attachement “Grid_EditItem”) => no editing possible
How can this behaviour been fixed?




That should work, if the editor is enabled. From the screenshot it looks like the editor opened, but it somehow messed up. What version of Vaadin is that? What kind of container are you using and do you have a custom theme that might affect this behaviour? There has been some bugs regarding the inline editor in the past. The latest 7.6 and 7.7 versions should work though.

there seems to be a bug when the Grid is in Multiselect mode,
The newly added item won’t be edited.
Try with single select mode.

Yes, that is the cause.
With single select mode everything works fine.
Is that bug scheduled to be fixed, because i need multi select mode?

I’m using vaadin 7.7.

Waiting for this one:
to be picked up.
The bug is still there in 7.7.7

Is the bug still there in Framework 8?