Grid Drag And Drop Using Drag Handle

I was wondering, what is the ideal way to do a grid drag and drop using a drag handle, instead of allowing the whole row to be dragged? Such as, say, an icon in a dedicated column. This isn’t exactly the same as getting by-column information for drag events, which I’ve seen here, but just setting the drag source and GridDragEvent to only proc from a specific location. The docs show a ‘getDraggableElement’, but that doesn’t apply to grids which have their own built-in functionality from what I’ve seen.

Also, v24.

…naturally I figure out it essentially immediately and it’s dead simple:

        dragHandleColumn = treeGrid.addColumn(
                new ComponentRenderer<>(entry -> {
                    InlineIconButton dragHandle = new InlineIconButton(LumoIcon.MENU.create());
                    dragHandle.getElement().addEventListener("mousedown", e -> {
                        draggedItem = entry;
                    return dragHandle;

        treeGrid.addDropListener(event -> {
            // ...
            draggedItem = null;