Grid - Double Click


I added a delete Column to the Grid like showed in the tutorial. It works fine, except that I can not fetch a double click event.

The Listener will added like that:

grid.addColumn(caption).setRenderer(new ImageRenderer(listener));

And the listener implementation to ask for double Click is always false.

if(!e.isDoubleClick()) {

I am making a mistake?

Looks like the renderer (or actually its ClickableRenderer superclass) only supports single-click events.

I guess you could create a feature ticket for that and hope for the best. But, that could take some time to get done, so if you really need the feature, I’d recommend implementing a custom renderer based on either ImageRenderer or ClickableRenderer. It’s maybe some effort, but hopefully not too much. You maybe need to duplicate RendererClickEvent as RendererDoubleClickEvent, or maybe you could also generalize it to handle also double clicks. You can probably get the double-click events from GWT. Then add the RendererDoubleClickHandler to the handler manager.

okay, it is not a Problem that the UI is reacting on single click.

is there a way to prevert double Clicks, like disabling the Button?!? I helped me at the moment with a lock:

[font=courier new]
RendererClickListener rendererClickListener = new RendererClickListener() {

public void click(RendererClickEvent event) {
if(!LockUtil.lock(event.getSource())) {


Here is a Workarround. It’s the first version. Maybe the map should be cleared at the end of the method or in a Thread.

The first Tests were working fine. (966 Bytes)