Grid does not display data (styling problem?)


I’ve just tried to run the example code from the guides. However, the grid does not show the data… Or, to be more accurate, it is not visible. The data IS present in the DOM tree, but is not visible. I used the “project base” from the starter packs, and replaced the contents of MainView.


public class MainView extends VerticalLayout {

	public MainView() {
		ComboBox<Status> comboBox = new ComboBox<>();

		Grid<Person> grid = new Grid<>(Person.class);
		grid.addColumn(person -> Integer.toString(person.getYearOfBirth()))
				.setHeader("Year of birth");

		// Sets items as a collection

		// Sets items using varargs
		  new Person("George Washington", 1732),
		  new Person("John Adams", 1735),
		  new Person("Thomas Jefferson", 1743),
		  new Person("James Madison", 1751)
		add(comboBox, grid);



public class Person {

	private String name;
	private Status status;
	private int yearOfBirth;

	public String getName() {
		return name;
	public void setName(String name) { = name;
	public Status getStatus() {
		return status;
	public void setStatus(Status status) {
		this.status = status;
	public int getYearOfBirth() {
		return yearOfBirth;
	public void setYearOfBirth(int yearOfBirth) {
		this.yearOfBirth = yearOfBirth;

	public Person(String name, int yob) { = name;
		this.yearOfBirth = yob;


shared-styles is nothing more than…

	<!-- This is where your App's styling should go. You can use .css files too. -->
		.main-layout {
			padding: 20px;


Any idea for a solution? [Screenshot]

Ah, I see this is a compatibility problem with Firefox? Hope to see this fixed soon…

Tamas Mucs:
Ah, I see this is a compatibility problem with Firefox? Hope to see this fixed soon…

Not only with Firefox. Same problem with Edge. Deal breaker for me when migrating to Vaadin 10.