Grid displaying empty rows in chrome

I am relatively new to using Vaadin Flow.

During tests with the framework I recognized that Grid intermittently displays empty rows for some (not all) items instead of showing the items’ information. While the total number of rows is correct, some show the information correctly and others (at the end of the list) don’t. After a page reload, all information is shown as expected. I made a screenshot and attached it to this thread.

This behaviour could - so far - only be found in Chrome but not in Firefox. It’s not reproducible - at least I haven’t found a way to reproduce it.

Vaadin Flow version is 14.1.28. Chrome is at version 81.0.4044.138 (64bit). OS is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

Any idea what maybe the cause for this?


Please take a look onto the issues created for Vaadin Flow:

Are those similar to the issue you are facing? In case of similar behavior, please upvote existing one. If not, please create a new [issue]
(, so team will be able to take a look and investigate it.

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I got something similar.

simply selected item from code will remove the current and selected row, despite row does selected

this is my code,

itemOrder hold my items, and those select properly.

refresh brings it back

	public void goToItem(int offset, boolean absolute) {
		int index;

		if (absolute) {
			index = (offset == -1) ? itemOrder.size() - 1 : offset;
		} else {
			Integer integer = null;
			integer = itemOrder.get(getValue());
			index = (integer != null) ? integer : -1;
			index += offset;
		try {
			if(index < 0){
				Object newValue = itemOrder.inverse().get(index);
		} catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException ioobe) {
			// suppress