Grid component is not found under com.vaadin.ui

Hello guys,

While developing new vaadin app I found that grid component is not found in com.vaadin.ui. am using combo box without any issue.

My vaadin version is 7.7.3
Any help?


Grid came along in 7.4, so 7.7.3 should be good. Have you used an older version of Vaadin earlier? Is it possible your dependencies are coming from older version? If you’re using maven, check .m2\repository\com\vaadin\vaadin-server to see what versions are there.


Thanks Olli for the reply, The vaadin version is 7.7.3 as indicated in the maven repositoy but still i cant find th Grid class and i got compilation error

Hmm. Have you tried doing a full clean?

mvn clean install -U should force updating the dependencies. If that doesn’t work, can you share your pom file?