Grid Component Column doesn't work in Chrome

Here’s my code:

Grid<String> grid = new Grid<>();
grid.addColumn(value -> value).setHeader("Simple Column");
grid.addComponentColumn(value -> {
    TextField textField = new TextField();
    return textField;
}).setHeader("Component Column");
grid.setItems("aaa", "bbb", "ccc");

It works the first time shown in Chrome, but after page refresh all the contents in component column disappeared. Have to clear browsing data to make it works again (and only once).

It used to work previously but seems broken after a recent Chrome upgrade. I’ve tested with both Vaadin 10 and 12.

A screen shot of the code in Chrome:

In Firefox it works:


See which is already fixed in Flow. The fix to be backported to V12.
We understand the importance of this issue so the team will take care of releasing the platform fix ASAP.

Thanks for the confirmation.

when will the fix come out?