grid columnFooterRenderer

How to pass to columnFooterRenderer @state parameter? Now, when something changes in the parameter, columnFooterRenderer sees no change.

@state() sumS_kor: number = 0;

private membershipFooterRenderer = () => {
return html<span>${this.sumS_kor}</span>;

For example, here also not working

Good point. The issue is that the renderer isn’t aware of the state. So while the parent component gets re-rendered by Lit whenever the state changes, nothing is notifying the footer renderer it should update.

I asked our dev team for input on how to solve this the right way.

All Lit renderers used in Vaadin components have a second “dependencies” parameter, which allows you to specify which state the renderer should watch for changes. Here is an example of passing an empty array, which means the renderer does not watch anything and will not re-render:
If you want the renderer to re-render on state changes, just pass the state into the array:

${columnFooterRenderer(this.membershipFooterRenderer, [this.sumS_kor])}

It,s works. Great, thx