Grid column resizing without horizontal scrollbar

I would like to a Grid that
requires a horizonal scrollbar and always fills the full width of the screen.

So when the screen is resized, the columns are evenly distributed (respecting column expand ratios where applicable).

When the screen is squished very small then the columns should bunch up (even if it means the columns become very narrow)

Initially I do get this behaviour if I set all of my columns like this:


However as soon as I manually resize any column then all bets are off.

All columns stop expanding or shrinking when the screen is resized. So you either have a horizontal scroll bar or an unused gap on the right hand side.

The java docs seem to confirm this behaviour so I am not suggesting this is a bug.

But does anyone know I can acheive the column resizing behaviour that I am after?

I think you’re out of luck, although you could try recalculating the column sizes manually and updating each to a fixed pixel size.