Grid.Colum setClassNameGenerator and getElement().getStyle().set has no eff

Hi All.

  1. What need to achieve - make vertical aligment to top in grid cell (not a header or footer).
  2. How - set class Grid.Colum or set style items.
    2.1. Just to use nameColumn.setClassNameGenerator( pa -> "paname"); and create style ‘td.paname {
    color: red;
    vertical-align: top;
    display: inline;
    2.2. Or add styles nameColumn.getElement().getStyle().set("vertical-align", "top"); nameColumn.getElement().getStyle().set("display", "inline"); the same negative effect for verticalAlign style
  3. The class work perfect for regular html.
  4. Result is present below as picture.
  5. Question - how to apply style or class to grid column to get the effect - vertical alignment of grid cell ?

Thanks, Igor