Grid and Components in cells...

As I stated in another thread, the new Grid looks neat! I just found another thing I wanted to ask about:

Quote from the book:

Now, for the time being, I’ll be using Table for I need to use a custom component to display a certain complex value. What I’m curious about though is, is there a “component connector renderer” in the pipeline? Would implementing one be feasible? Understanding the performance hit it would bring, of course.

Of course, I could implement my own custom renderer for this task. Provided that I have already implemented large parts of my custom component on the client side, would the "
ballpark estimate
" of the work be small or large?

(Huh, hadn’t even thought about interactive-stuff that may be required by the cell’s content… I don’t want to overload my question
too much
, so I’ll just leave that thought here on the side :wink: )

Hi Aki,
I really like your question. Renderer is nice but are we forced to write more GWT code?

Where is SparklineRenderer?
does ProgressBarRenderer render the progress bar?

Sorry if I am highjacking your thread a bit.