Greetings back from St.-Petersburg

Hi everybody, Im finally back to the online :slight_smile:

Being completely cut off for the last several months of the 2008, I had almost no time to communicate here but was keeping an eye on this forum. Need to say, Im very happy to see that the great project is actively progressing. So, just wanted also add a couple of cents from our side. :slight_smile:

While I was offline, things did not pause - at our company we approved toolkit as an official rich web UI toolkit for our applications web interfaces, and currently the work is in progress on new major version of the web interface to our ERM system.

There is also a new local startup project happened, dedicated to high quality inkjet printing service, which back-end and customers front-end interfaces were made using the toolkit :slight_smile: The service is being in alpha right now and UI is completely in Russian, but translation work should be finished this or next week and then site will be open for public beta access, so I’ll post a live links here as well.

Also, during the development process of 2 above paragraphs, we decided to separate common code and produce a toolkit extension library, where some small but useful features, such as widgets, special windows, standard dialogs and internationalization tools can be concentrated and available for any toolkit developer. The separation process should also finish this week and then we’re going to publish the project to either our company website section or to sourceforge or so, to make it available there for everyone interested as well as for further modifications and development.

So, I would like to thank everyone at ITMill and the Community for the really nice product and hope, we make it even better together.

With kinds regards,

Welcome back Dmitri!

Lot of great news - thanks. We can not wait to see the extensions library. Meanwhile - if you could show any screenshots from the applications built with toolkit, they would interest a many people on these forums. (or even better - if the printing service is publicly online a link would be great).

Best regards,

  • Joonas

Great to have you back! I was already wondering where you’d left :slight_smile:

Have you had time to test out the new 5.3.0 release candidates? Or are you still using 5.2 branch?

Joonas, I think we’ll put at a new printing service to online beta, so I’ll post a links to the real applications. Screenshots are not very useful as current UI is not translated and all in Cyrillic.

Jouni, yep, too many tasks dropped near to the end of 2008 plus some planned prophylactic healthcare activities after the car accident in 2007 screwed me up a bit.

Regarding the toolkit version - I used both. While printing service UI was made using 5.2 and is waiting for 5.3 release, the code for common extension library Im separating now is 5.3 RC based.