grails , gorm, vaadin application


check my site

I’m using grails and gorm implementation in the backend and vaadin for the UI. with master detail entry form


Nat nat

Hi Nat Nat,

Looks good, how you call grails/gorm from vaadin?
I’ve tried to figure out simple way to do that, but geting problems with session.



thank you for this example. I looked at your website, however accessing the source code is not possible (empty link). Could you show some details about your implementation of VAADIN data model objects with Grails GORM?

Kind regards


Check this great article

But this is only part of the solution, as you can see when you develop something more complex application.

  • Sami -

Hello Nat Nat,

I think we have a same approach in implementing Vaadin and Grails, currently I developed VGrails Framework, feel free to visit the googlecode :slight_smile:

@west java

Hi Nat-Nat,

I’m now in the process of learning Grails and Vaadin both. I was wondering if your application was open source or if not, would you share it?