GoogleMapWidgetV3 markers icon automatic update on click

Dear All,

I am using VAADIN 6 and the add-on for Google API V3.0, GoogleMapWidgetV3 and I need to change a marker’s icon when it’s clicked and its info panel is shown.
Everything works fine except the marker does not show the new icon automatically, until a “map clicked” event is fired within googleMap again.

What am I missing? I have been reading around for a while and I’ve found that it could be due to a setting in the google map (API 3.0):

// Enable the visual refresh
google.maps.visualRefresh = true;

Question: Is it possible to inject this statement both in the add-on or natively in the VAADIN app?

My (simple) code snippet:

googleMap.addListener(new MarkerClickListener() {
public void markerClicked(Marker clickedMarker) {
getMainWindow().showNotification("marker clicked " + clickedMarker.getTitle());
BasicMarker m = (BasicMarker)clickedMarker;

Any idea is appreciated.
Thanks a lot.