Google Maps with Vaadin 14


I’ve been trying to set up google maps to work with Vaadin 14, but have had no success so far.
Is there any way to make this possible (integrating old add-ons/completely different way), since google maps is a big and useful component to use in applications?


Hello, we have developed for an open source project called Kuwaiba a google maps add-on for Vaadin 14, the code can be found here

[add on]


[web component]

The characteristics are the same that exist in the add on for vaadin 8. In the demo for the add on and for the web component you can see how to use it.

We hope to publish it in the Add-On Directory soon.

Thank you so much, this is just what I’ve been looking for!
Hope to see it in the Add-On Directory soon, too!

Regards, Nemanja

I know this is old, but just in case someone find this, there is another alternative: