google.load() gets stuck.

Hello all,

currently I’m working on a project where I rely on the google.load() call for in Javascript for initializing Google Earth. However, I cannot seem to get that function to return? Whenever I make the call the page gets stuck loading and never finishes (I don’t even get the gray screen, the page never finishes loading). When I test it on a simple html page it works fine, however with Vaadin I am still at a loss.

I’m actually using the gwt-earth stuff I found at and am hoping it’s not the components themselves that are causing the problem.

Any ideas or pointers? Thanks.

I fixed my issue.

Essentially I needed google.load to run on a separate thread, while everything else loads normally. Then, when ready, it sends itself a callback which loads the widget. I added the widget to the main window directly and it worked like a charm.