Google chomre prints a blank page

When i try to print a browser page of a Vaadin 7 application in google chome it just prints a blank page. This happened both on a very simple app that just contained a layout and a label and also in the QuickTickets demo app. In both cases I was able to print the page with Firefox and also I have not noticed similar behavior with Vaadin 6.

Is there any way around this or should I have filed this as a bug report instead?

I realize that printing out a browser page is probably not the best way to do it anyway and I also provide a way to convert my page (document) to pdf and print it that way. But I would still like to be able to print something from the browser directly.

My google chrome version: 24.0.1312.57 m

I do have the same issue.
To reproduce :

Printing from an UI sublclass opens an empty chrome’s print windows. In firefox, there is no native preview and printing works.
I try with a subclass of “Window” and it seems to work, but that’s not what I wanted.