Google Analytics ?


We have a liferay portal in SSL and under IE, we have security message when display Vaadin application.
The source of the problem is <script srv=“
Is there a way to put the ssl url “” or to disable this functionality if it’s not necessary to do work vaadin ?

The PortalDefaultWidgetset automatically tries to load “” on startup (required by the demos, which use Google analytics). You can avoid this by changing the widgetset you use to DefaultWidgetSet.

I have try DefaultWidgetset but my portlets become empty.
But I have modify the google analytics url in PortalDefaultWidgetset and it works fine.
I think the solution is to make a custom WidgetSet no ?

Yes, if you make a custom widgetset without the google analytics url you will be fine.

I have the same problem wwhen using Vaadin in portal. All business functionality is usually published over https and it is troublesome that default widgetset for porlets do not work because of the ga. Any possibility to remove the GA or provide alternative widgetset which works?

Run in to this while working addon demo:

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We have a problem using GA crossdomain tracking and Vaadin, traffic sources are not visible in Analytics reports.

We shoud track across domains and the end point is Vaadin form.
(other forms are showing traffic sources in Analytics reports on different platform but traffic trough vaadin is not showing traffic sources in Analytics reports)

We have site under http “
and vaadin is https on subdomain “

I think our problem is that GA tracking cookie is not shared trough the domains but how to fix this. (removing “www” from subdomain is not possible)

Is it possible to remove all the vaadin GA widgets and place the GA tracking code “normally” inside the form head element. ?
How to see which tracking code is used in Vaadin, browser “source” does not show it. ?
Why Google Chrome GA debugger shows nothing when trying to debug vaadin analytics tracking?
How to add new line to Vaading Google Analytics tracking script:
); ?

I don’t really know the add-on in detail (you can take a look at its source code), but:

You can add things to page headers by overriding AbstractApplicationServlet.write*() methods in your servlet class. However, note that those are only run when loading the whole page - not when moving around e.g. with URI fragments (after the hash sign). That is the issue the add-on tries to solve, but in your case it might not be an issue if you come to the form from outside the Vaadin application and load the whole page at that point anyway.

The tracking being done dynamically (perhaps with a hidden iframe or something like that - not sure, check the source) is probably also why the other tools don’t show it.