Google ads or in app Advertisements

After successffully uploading a handful of PWA apps in playstore.
I want to add Free Apps, that generate in app ads revenue. Has this been tried using Vaadin?

What network, sdk, pathway to add these features.?

The exact steps depend on the particular ad network you want to work with. Naturally, their documentation on how to integrate should be the first step. The easiest would be one that gives you a Javascript snippet or file that you can simply add to a view. Loading Resources | Advanced Topics | Vaadin Docs describes how to do that - even easier might to directly include it with something like UI.getCurrent().getPage().addJavaScript("/js/script.js");

Samie Ekblad’s integration for GoogleAnalytics tracker is a good resource for a similar project: samie/vaadin-ga-tracker: Vaadin Google Analytics Tracker (

On the other end of the complexity scale is something like full GoogleAds integration which has a whopping 130+ pages document on the technical details: How to Build a Web App Integrated with Google Ads and Google My Business - Google Docs - (though just showing some ads might be easier).