Going from 22.0.14 to 23.3.0 is failiny my tests

Hi guys. I am trying to upgrade my project to Vaadin 23.3.0, but I kept on getting these errors in my unitary tests. Any ideas about the reason behind this? Thanks.
PS: I attached a file that contains the errors generated by the failed tests.
index.html (64.4 KB)

That page doesn’t contain any useful information

It doesnt show something like this? Or this is useless?

No it doesn’t show anything like that. It’s linking to other files on the local file system

And in any case, it’s probably more useful to ask about a specific failure rather than all of them

This stacktrace sounds like an incompatible version of Karibu is in use.

Oh, I see. My bad.
This is a sample of one of those local files.
I noticed that the error is very similar between the files, and I feel it’s a very minor change that I am missing.
Btw, this is my first time upgrading from one Vaadin version to another, and I am working on a big project that I am not familiar with all its aspects.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s that. I will investigate this further.

That’s the testing library you are using.

Yeah, I just found that. Do you think I need to update that when I update Vaadin? It’s currently on 1.3.3

Of course!

Latest 1.3 version seems to be 1.3.23: Tags · mvysny/karibu-testing · GitHub

Vaadin 23.3.0 was released on the 13th of Dev 2022; so I think, I should go with Karibu 2.0.1. No? (Since it was released 3 weeks later)

I see what you mean. Well, I picked that information from a constant we have in the project const val KARIBU_TESTING = "1.3.3". That is why I assumed my Karibu version is 1.3.3.

Karibu 1.3.x is for Vaadin 14-23, Karibu 2.0.x is for Vaadin 24

And I believe your assumption about your Karibu version may well be correct

Ok, I will try 1.3.23 and see where it takes me.

Update. I have been working on Karibu 1.3.23 all this afternoon and I managed to reduce the number of failed tests to 12.