Getting the previous view name and parameters

I’m refactoring my Vaadin 6 app to 7 and Navigator. One thing I’d like to do is automatically add “redirect back” functionality in my login view. Instead of navigating to a pre-determined view, my Login view navigates to the previous view and parameters, or to “” if no previous view is available.

I feel like there’s a piece missing to make this happen. ViewChangeEvent does include the old view, but views themselves don’t have names or parameters.

It looks like there are handlers fired before a view changes, but I’m not immediately sure where to put these such that they are called on this specific View instance. I may also create various instances of the View for different circumstances, so having each instance track every previous view entered seems a bit heavyweight.

Would it make sense for there to be a beforeEnter() method called with the previous ViewChangeEvent? Or perhaps the current ViewChangeEvent should include the name and parameters of the previous view, if any?

Should I file a ticket, or am I missing the obvious way to do this?