Getting the cell object from outside the grid

If i would like access to the element that was generated via the renderer function, what would be the correct method?

var el = grid.shadowRoot && grid.shadowRoot.querySelector(elementName') || grid.querySelector(elementName'); I have no idea how to get the cell variable to be able to call var el = cell.element

Hi Dale,

If you define your own renderer then naturally you’ll have access to the cell render-time. Afterwards it may be harder since 1 hides all rendered cell content inside the shadow root. Perhaps firing an event from the cell content element and catching that at Grid level would work for you?

If it’s an option please try the
development version of the upcoming 2
which makes it a ton easier to bind directly to any content you define for your cells.

Thanks for the reply! I ended up using doing a query selector on element.shadow root. Thanks for the options i’ll look into them :slight_smile: