Getting startet with Vaadin - nothing works...


I was very excited, when I first saw the demo apps on the homepage and I am thinking about switching (from GWT) to Vaadin for a long time.

During the last two days I gave it a try, but nearly nothing is working. It’s frustrating…

  • The “New Project Wizard” in eclipse kept hanging forever so that I hat to kill eclipse again and again. After doing research all day long I finally found a statement that this is a bug which happens with Tomcat 7, but not with Tomcat 6. So I tried using Tomcat 6 and the New Project Wizard finished successfully.
  • Then, when trying the Designer with a new “Vaadin Composite”, the designer tab did not appear. There is just a “Source” tab, and the name of the tab (nearby the “X”) is empty. I also did some research on this, and I also found a lot of web pages dealing with it, but no solution.

For now, I am somewhat disappointed. At the first sight, Vaadin seems to be a powerful and mature framework. But I didn’t get started yet.

The today’s experiences were made in the following environment:

  • Windows 7
  • Eclipse Kepler, JEE
  • Vaadin (6 and 7)

I could also give it a try on my debian box. But can you really recommend me to do that?
My first impression was very disappointing.


This works:

Eclipse Kepler and Vaadin 7 - Visual Designer - Design Tab is missing

Yes, this works!
Thank you very much!