Getting instance of vaadin grid in angular2 component


I am able to setup and display vaadin grid using example mentioned here

Now i want to get a instance of grid inside my angular component class so that i can call API methods. How to get this instance?

vaadin.elements.grid does not give a way to attach data dynamically


okay i found following

You have to use @ViewChild(‘grid’) grid: any;

and get the grid instance as

var grid = this.grid.nativeElement;

Can you tell me how to make inline editable cell of grid


right, the element instance could be retrieved this way. This applies to any elements in Angular 2 component templates.

As for the editing of grid cells, unfortunately, it is not supported in vaadin-grid. But there is a way to implement a custom cell renderer with an input element inside. This requires some work to handle the value changes. Please see these issue comments for the example code:

Thanks a lot for your reply. We are considering a component library for our new application. Please let me know what all angular 2 components are supported by Vaadin yet and when will it be fully released for angular2.


Vaadin provides Angular 2 support for Vaadin Core Elements: Grid, Combo Box, Date Picker, Upload.

Additionally, in your Angular 2 application you can use Paper elements, Iron elements, and other elements from the Polymer catalog. These elements maintained by the Polymer team.

We provide Angular 2 support for our elements and Polymer elements though the Angular2-Polymer package. This tool is intened to be universal and support using any Polymer elements, not only ones by Vaadin. The tool is in beta state, the stable release is coming this year, but not before the Angular 2 stable release, I think.