Getting an error when deploying application to web server.

I am getting the following error message when I deploy my application to my web server “Failed to serialize shared state for connector com.sms.controls.PdfDownloader (274): null”. The application runs fine on my desk in my development environment. This has not been an issue until this current deployment. Here are somethings that might be effecting it.

  1. I recently upgraded my development environment from Vaadin 7.1.13 to 7.2.4.
  2. The server I am deploying on is running Tomcat 6, my development environment is Tomcat 7.
  3. The PdfDownloader is an extension of the FileDownloader, that allows me to call a web service which returns the PDF document as a Base64 string. This error is occuring prior to the button that triggers the download is clicked, but during the time that button and PdfDownloader is being created.

Attached is the code for the PdfDownloader. (1.78 KB)

Can anyone point me to direction to look?

Okay found part of the problem. In the Constructor for PdfDownloader I had the following code.

/** * @param resource */ public PdfDownloader() { super(new StreamResource(null, null)); } I modified it to the following and the code no longer fails when I select to generate and download the PDF.
/** * @param resource */ public PdfDownloader() { super(new FileResource(new File(VaadinService.getCurrent().getBaseDirectory().getAbsolutePath() + "/WEB-INF/web.xml"))); } But it will not download or open the file. Could this be an issue dealing with Tomcat 6 verses Tomcat 7. I have basically eliminated the browser as the cause, because when I run off of my local environment using the same brower that I normally use for testing, everything works fine.

Could this be a permission issue? Does the StreamResource actually create a file on disk or does it create one in memory?