.getPage().open(Resource...) disconnecting app

I understand that
UI.getCurrent().getPage().open(Resource, String, boolean)
is deprecated, and we’d love to
use it, but it would be difficult for us to get away from it, and after upgrading from 7.1.6 to 7.5.6 it seems broken.

When this call is inside of a button clickListener and that button is clicked - the call works, and in our case downloads a file - but the UI stops responding for anything on the current page. If you click any other clickable components you see:

[font=courier new]
Mon Oct 05 23:20:00 GMT-500 2015 com.vaadin.client.ApplicationConnection
WARNING: Trying to invoke method on not yet started or stopped application

I thought of creating a simple app to reproduce this, but wanted to know if there is something obvious we are not doing? Or should we just not expect the deprecated call to work anymore?


I think our issue may have been that we were doing:

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UI.getCurrent().getPage().open(streamResource, “_self”, false);

for downloading, and that is clearly not recommended in the docs. (not sure why it worked okay in 7.1.6), but null works:

UI.getCurrent().getPage().open(streamResource, null, false);